Change a Life!

Monthly Child Sponsorship

For a $30 a month donation, that is just $1 a day, the price of a cup of coffee, you can feed and educate a child attending Rising Star Junior School. Your partnership with the school is essential to the vibrancy of the school and it’s mission. In return you’ll get updates on “SPOTLIGHT STUDENTS” from the school sent directly to you. As you continue to give you’ll get to know more and more students that attend Rising Star Junior School.

Annual Child Sponsorship

For a $360 a year donation, you’ll be matched with a specific student you will sponsor during the time they attend Rising Star. You’ll receive personalized communication from your student and be able to send letters and pictures to your student during scheduled mailings throughout the year. Please keep all items you send to your sponsored item flat for easier transportation. Students love to receive pictures and learn about life in the United States. For them, knowing that someone across the ocean is encouraging them provides unprecedented seeds of hope.

Special Project Donation

When Ryan arrived at the property near Ssempya Villiage he had no idea how many children would come if he started a school there. He recalls thinking to himself that if 30 children show up and I have to teach them under a tree I will do that. The first day of school in February 2012 almost 300 students reported to class. Now there is a waiting list and the only limiting factor is space.

General Donation

One way to contribute towards Rising Star is to give a gift. These are examples of ongoing expenditures that would normally come out of the funds received as people sponsor the school. When you give a gift it boosts Rising Star’s ability to help more children, provide more supplies and hire more teachers and staff to assist in the education of now almost 400 students. 


K-Hope Inc, doing business as “Rising Star Schools” is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.

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