Recheal’s Story

Nakalulye Recheal was among the first to finish her studies in 2015 at Rising Star Junior School. She finished in the top of her class with bigger dreams and aspirations than anyone could imagine. However, when she first stepped foot in a Rising Star classroom, she was quiet and came with very little previous education. She started with a sponsorship in primary four (fourth grade) because of the lack of finances at home.

Thorough her determination and dedication to school, Recheal became a star athlete, talented singer, gifted preacher and a top academic student at Rising Star. In 2015, Recheal lost her last living parent, but instead of letting the tragic experience impact her in a negative way, she used it to fuel her future for success.

Recheal now has gone as far as she can through Rising Star and is currently studying Kampala, Uganda at a quality secondary school to prepare her for her University studies. Without the support of sponsors through Rising Star, Recheal says she wouldn’t have gone to school and her future would’ve been grim.