Shafic’s Story

Shafic Nabuti started studying at Rising Star in 2012 in primary three (third grade). His mother had passed away in 2011 and was abandoned by his biological father. Since then, he has been taken care of at the school. Before coming to Rising Star, he had missed multiple years of studies because of the economic situation at home. With his ailing mother not being able to provide, he often sacrificed his academic future to care for his mother.

Since Shafic has been at Rising Star, he has grown into a respectful and compassionate young man. He is often in the top performers in his class. As of 2018, Shafic has completed his time at Rising Star Junior School, and he will be starting his second year of secondary school this year. Eventually, he wants to become an engineer.

Through his life of struggles, Shafic is always one to smile. Because of Rising Star, he was able to have an academic future and dream. Without Rising Star and his sponsors, Shafic may not have had the chance to study and would most likely be wandering the streets.