About Us

Our Story

Rising Star Junior School is located about 30 miles northwest of Kampala in Wakiso District. The school was opened in February 2012 with a student enrollment of 295 students from nursery to an equivalent of 4th grade. As of 2018, Rising Star has a student enrollment of 370 students and has a teaching staff of 21. In 2013, Rising Star opened a 5th grade class to give the opportunity for the previous years 4th grade class to continue their education at the school. The school will continue to expand through secondary school to meet the needs of the students and community.

The following is a time-table of the school expansion that has been/will be completed:

– January 2014 – Opened Primary Six class (6th grade equivalent)

– January 2015 – Opened Primary Seven class (7th grade equivalent)

– January 2016 – Opened Secondary School (middle school-high school equivalent)

– 2018 – Open a nursery school

– 2019-2020 – Open a secondary school

Our Mission

Through a combination of child sponsorships in the US and reduced tuition paid by the able students, Rising Star is able to pay all staff members, provide meals to all children, provide scholastic materials to all children, and house nearly 50 orphaned and vulnerable children at the school.

At Rising Star, we go into the poorest and most underprivileged communities to find students that would probably never have the chance for a good education. We place these students under the sponsorship category or reduced tuition category. Because of this, our open enrollment has been extended to all three levels of the nursery section, with a limited number from phase 1 to phase 5 school.

The goal is to educate the students through secondary school and prepare them for university studies or a trade school. Rising Star follows the set curriculum handed out by the government of Uganda, which includes subjects in English, social studies, sciences, mathematics, music/dance/drama, physical education, and Christian religious education. Rising Star also offers after school programs such as, passport club (study world geography and cultures), art/craft club, reading/writing club, choir, dance, and numerous school sports. A Sunday worship service is also held for the 80 students who live at the school. All after school activities are voluntarily done by the dedicated staff members.

Student Stories

All our students stories are unique, and yet their need for care and education the same.